Games of 2015 – Part 2

As Paddy said in his last post, 2015 was a banner year for gaming for us. Both our collections grew hugely, and the breadth and diversity of games we played and people we played them with was both joyous and refreshing. It says a lot about the selection available and the quality of games being produced that there are no matching games on either of our lists.

Here’s mine.

(Oh and again this is games played in 2015, not released. So swallow that smart comment mister.)

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Games of 2015 – Part 1

2015 was a big year for games for both myself and Emmet. Our monthly board game meetup entered it’s second year, attendances were good, new games were bought and explored. For me, living in Dublin, I joined two different board game groups, where people bring games to play. This lead to me experiencing a wider spectrum of games.

I’ve picked out some of the top games I played in 2015. This might be a bit unconventional, but not all of them are 2015 releases. In fact, the first one has been out for about 6 years, and it had been sitting on a shelf in my brother’s house for 2 years gathering dust because we didn’t think it would suit our group! So, without further ado, here’s my pick of the games I played in 2015. Continue reading

An Introduction

Hello and welcome to The Crafty Players – A site for all your board game and craft beer needs! We are Paddy and Emmet and we plan on bringing you an arousingly voyeuristic look into our board gaming lives!

Step over the obstacle course of meeple and dice, brush aside the teetering cases of micro-brews, and join us in our cozy little corner of the internet for a chat. Here we’re going to share with you articles and podcasts about our love of board games, how they magically strengthen friendships through betrayal and subterfuge, and why they have become so important to us. We’ll look at board game and geek culture and share some personal stories about how our little pastime has affected our lives, and we’ll even give you a fly on the wall look at our little cadre of players in our monthly videos.

For those interested (and of age) we’ll also spotlight our favourite beers and give a suggestion for what games you should pair them with.

Before all that though let’s each of us chat about why we play board games…

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