Meeple In The Know: Beer Style Guide

I sit here sipping a golden pilsner, thinking back on last week’s post on beer, with a sinking feeling. Beer has a whole four ingredients that I had to explain, was it really that much hassle?

Not really. After I wrote about how beer would be made, I knew I couldn’t stop there. I have to tell you about some of the different beer styles. This is where it’s gets a bit overwhelming. Beer styles is a rabbit hole that can go on, and on, and on, and on. Not surprising considering it’s 10,000 year long history, but how do I squeeze enough information to help you make decisions, but not too much that it’s completely overwhelming? I have a 600 page book on my shelf dedicated to explaining all the styles and even that isn’t comprehensive. What follows is my attempt at just that; Paddy’s Beer Style Guide.

The Crafty Players Beer (5)

What’s the difference?

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Board Games for Beginners – Part 1

Hello again! Welcome back to the unsettlingly sexy side of the internet.

So we’re all about craft beer and board games here right? Right. So Paddy did a great post as an introduction to craft beer right? Right. Which means that I should do an introduction to board games right?…


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Meeple in the Know: Beer for Beginners

“You should write a blog post about the basics of beer”, said Emmet, shortly before I punched him in the face. I’ve been reading and learning about beer myself, and didn’t feel like I was in a position to teach it. I’d feel like a teacher who is trying to stay one lesson ahead of the student. But the more I thought on it, the more I realised he was probably right, a quick overview of some of the basics shouldn’t be beyond me. Hell, not knowing THAT much might even be an advantage, as I can write without going off on tangents or digging deep into the nuances. So here it is: Paddy’s Beer for Beginners. Continue reading

The Fun Police

People sit squashed together on well worn couches, jostling each other with easy camaraderie. Chairs have been pulled in from other rooms with people sitting perched comfortably on them as they share friendly banter. Glasses, cups, and bottles tinkle and clink, and the crunch and chew of snacks being enjoyed adds another layer to the sense of contentment in the room. Eventually the talking slowly peters out, drinks are placed safely on nearby tables, and then every face in the room turns to you…

“So,” one of the faces says, “How do we play?”

Panic grips your chest as you stare into those expectant faces. Your heartbeat begins to thump in your ears and your eyes grow wide as you look down at the arrayed cards, dice, and little wooden people strewn out on the huge board in front of you, the table beneath almost audibly groaning under their weight.

Oh god, you think. I can’t do this!

You lurch to your feet, your eyes darting around the room for some escape route. You let out a guttural scream and give one last look at the table surrounded by your friends before hurling yourself as hard as you can through the room’s double glazed window and falling into the loving arms of gravity.

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Meeple In The Know: Blogs & Podcasts

Believe it or believe it not, we’re not the best board game blog out there. We’re actually not even in the top ten! There’s actually loads of different board game related blogs, YouTube channels and podcasts out there, but how to you know which to read, watch or listen to? In today’s post, I’m going to talk about some of the websites, blogs, podcasts and other media that I enjoy. They have really helped me think about board games in a different way. They’re reviewers I go to for opinions, interviewers who offer insight, and just all round general entertainment. Having said that, let’s jump straight in!

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Beers of 2015 – Part 2

I’ve been a fan of craft beer for a while now, but it’s only in the last year that I’ve really tried to expand my knowledge. My beers of choice would usually have been anything German – nice hearty Weissbier like Erdinger, Paulaner, that kind of thing. I found myself moving away from them as they left me feeling very heavy and sluggish on a night out, and started to track down what I really liked. Turns out what I like is ale! Red, pale, black, brown, it doesn’t seem to matter – give me an ale and I’m a happy bunny. So my “Top Beers of 2015” is basically just my “Top Ales of 2015”. Whoops! Continue reading

Beers of 2015 – Part 1

Following on from last week’s post about our top games in 2015, this week we’re going to talk about our top beers in 2015. First, we’re going to hear Paddy’s list…

Like my previous post on games, this list isn’t going to be the top beers brewed in 2015, more about the top beers I drank in 2015. The craft beer market in Ireland has really exploded over the past few years, with the number of homegrown breweries sky-rocketing. In addition, it’s easier than ever to find foreign craft beer in your local off licence. I’m not very good at describing flavour, but I’ll do my best! Continue reading