First Impressions: Last Will

Good day one and all! This will be my first blog as a new dad so with that in mind I thought I’d cover something celebrating the wonders of life… But instead I’ll talk about Last Will.

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Roll for the Galaxy



The Crafty Players Roll for the Galaxy Box Art

Box Art Source: BGG

You are a childhood dream come true, a maniacal space dictator, directing your citizens to build the biggest, best space empire ever to grace a tabletop! You do this by seeing what available workers you have (by rolling amazing, colourful, custom dice), and how best to use them. I like to think of the dice as students, graduating from University. You have an idea of their direction, but they might surprise you by going off on a tangent. This means that you’d expect the red, military dice to help you acquire new planets, but it actually ends up producing goods somewhere! Managing this and making the best of what you roll is a key part of the game.


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Introductory Games – Part 2

Gooooood afternoon everyone! After a slightly longer than expected hiatus (beautifully filled by Paddy’s interview with game designer Robin David) I’m back with the second half of my post on introductory games for new players. So let’s take a look at what I’ve plucked from the Crafty shelves…

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Interview with Robin David

Ireland is a small country, but you might be surprised by how active it’s gaming community is. It really is thriving. There are a large number of regular meet ups run by different groups, in a variety of locations across the country, and no shortage of friendly local game stores. The Crafty Players want to do everything they can to promote games, gaming, and a friendly, inclusive community. One way we hope to do that is by interviewing and introducing our readers to different members of the Irish gaming community who are doing great things.

Our first guest is Robin David, a game designer based in Dublin, who’s game Sub Rosa is on Kickstarter now. Continue reading