The Crafty Podcast – Episode 03

The Crafty Podcast Episode 03 is now online!

Also available on iTunes, Stitcher, and now Podbean!


This month we chat about XCOM, Alchemists, Quadropolis, and Hell’s Rebels for the Pathfinder RPG. We also discuss the Spiel des Jahres nominees and the shenanigans in the American beer market!

While recording we had a delicious beer from DOT Brew to keep us company.

Below are a few links to things discussed this week:

Catacombs & Castles Kickstarter

Garden of Bees Kickstarter

NY Time Article on Merger of AB InBev and SAB Miller

Spiel Des Jahres Nominees (German)


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4 thoughts on “The Crafty Podcast – Episode 03

  1. Stu says:

    I’m with you on the Pathfinder stuff, I’ve enjoyed GM’ing it but I could have handled the initial setup a lot better. With regards appreciating 5e, I think both are offering fundamentally similar things, Pathfinder is scratching an itch for crunch, 5e an itch for pure adventure. I would be interested to see how the GM experience compares for both, given that they are both prewritten adventures being used.

    I’d never play Pathfinder as a weekly game, I don’t think I’d even GM a weekly game, that longer session suited me much better.

    The knock on effect of the AB InBev and SAB Miller might not be felt as much here, unless you’re really into American imports which some folks are obviously. Much more pertinent to here is the likes of the British taxation system on beers which makes large scale production prohibitively expensive for brewers, and the control that Diageo exert on the market in Ireland and Britain coupled with their bully tactics such as the BII incident in 2011; while BrewDog certainly strain the definition of craft beer it’s indicative of Diageo’s attitude to smaller brewers/distributors/competitors.

    On the buying new games vs. replaying it’s a bit of a false dichotomy I think. Games that really click for a group will get played again and again, usually at the smaller focused sessions and usually with someone championing it, a constant stream of new games provides new avenues for people to explore. I think you’re both beating yourselves up, and wrestling with something that doesn’t need to be causing you stress, making stress for yourselves really. I think leaving it to the forces of natural game selection is a less stressful, more relaxed way to go. If you feel bad about not playing X game enough organise a night for it.

    Remember enthusiasm is infectious, you get people there to play and have a good time around them and be nice, and you’ll keep them coming.


    • PatrickBrophy says:

      Don’t be too hard on yourself about Pathfinder, it’s been a while since anyone involved played with that system, and it seems to take some getting used to. Also, as you said, it’s a bit railroady at the start to get the players involved. Interested to see where it goes from here.

      It mightn’t have much affect here, you’re right. But at the same time I don’t know enough about the industry to really understand the impact it. I’m just going to take the “wait and see” approach, while also hoarding large amounts of beer for reasons.

      While I think you’re right, that a game that clicks will get the plays, there’s a chance if I, especially, don’t rein myself in, that a game that clicks might never be brought to a games day because I always have something else I want to try out. Having said that, I do feel like I’ve been causing myself some stress around game days and need to chill out a bit, as I’ve been getting frustrated during the days at different things. I need to relax and just enjoy them and be enthusiastic about them.


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