Build A Board Game

If you follow us on our social media channels, you may have noticed that The Crafty Players are running a board game design jam on September 3, 2016. Paddy also mentioned it on the podcast last week. What is a board game design jam? Who is it for? Where are we doing it? Why are are we doing it? Well, for these answers and more, read on!

The Crafty Players Build A Board Game Design Jam Dublin


The Wikipedia definition of a game jam is “a gathering of game developers for the purpose of planning, designing, and creating one or more games within a short span of time.” Unlike the majority of game jams, which tend to be more focused on digital game design (usually PC games), our game jam will be focused on analogue, tabletop games, such as board games and card games. You know, those things we blog about!

The Crafty Players Game Design Jam Play Test

Building your own game is fun!

Our game jam, called Build A Board Game will take place over 6 to 7 hours, and as it stands, there will be several restrictions placed on the teams of up to four people. As of this writing we have a number of different components winging their way to us. These components will be divided up equally among the teams which, along with a theme that will be announced on the day, will impose some restrictions on the teams and really get them thinking. In case it’s not clear, we’ll provide all the components you need! OK, maybe not all, colouring pencils and markers won’t be provided, so feel free to bring them along if you want.

Part of our goal here at The Crafty Players is to help bring the world and hobby of tabletop gaming to a wider audience, to show how much fun everyone can have with these games, games that bring people together, have fun and make good memories. Build A Board Game is one of the ways we’ll do that. Anyone can attend on the day, it’s open to everyone, and we’re really looking forward to what everyone can bring to the table.

Will There Be Prizes?

Of course there will be prizes! At the end of the day, after a few hours of designing, each team will play each other game and give it a score. We haven’t decided the exact criteria, but don’t worry, it’ll be more than a simple score from 1 to 5! Once we tally the votes together, we’ll see where everyone lies and award prizes to the top two teams. The prizes will be a mix of Irish craft beer and board games.

3Brief tangent time! Craft beer and board games have a surprising amount in common. They are both crafted carefully by passionate people who want something better than whats available on the mass market. They want to share their creations with the world. They want nothing more than for people to enjoy what they make, share them with friends, and make some good memories. Both brewers and board game designers create, test, iterate and dial in their art, making everything as good as it can be. Sure, not all board games are for all people, but not all beers are for all people either. However, we firmly believe that there is both a beer and a board game out there for everyone. If you disagree, maybe you just haven’t found it yet. Please keep looking. Simply put, people are at the heart of what both craft beer and board games are about. That’s what The Crafty Players want to celebrate.

This is one of the reasons why we’re absolutely delighted that this event is being sponsored by both DOT Brew and Wicklow Wolf Brewing. Both of these companies are fantastic, and brew incredible beer. Both have been incredibly generous in providing some of their delicious beer to Build A Board Game. Keep an eye on the Facebook event for more info on the prizes available.

The Support

The Crafty Players Pulse College DublinWe can’t finish up this post without a shout out to Basil Lim, at Pulse College Dublin. Pulse College is recognised internationally for its world-class facilities, the standard of its training programmes, and quality of its graduates in audio, music, film, gaming and animation. Pulse have very kindly agreed to let us use their facilities, and are even giving us access to a little kitchen area for tea/coffee. In addition, it’s right in the middle of Dublin city centre, which makes it super easy to access, and close to food options for lunch. Basil is the person I’ve been talking to there and he’s been enthusiastic, friendly and helpful. Thanks Basil!

Also, a big shout out to Robin David, for his guidance and all over help during the planning of the event. Ever since the idea of a game jam was first floated, he’s been there egging us on and helping to make it happen. His input has been invaluable and we know it’ll be a better event thanks to his help.

Come Along

Seriously, please come along on September 3rd and join our first ever Build A Board Game event. It’s going to be such a good day! You’ll meet some great people, join in a unique event, and you’ll have made something by the end of the day you can take home, show your friends and be proud of. Plus you might win some beer!

The Crafty Players Build A Board Game Design Jam Dublin

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