Rhino Hero

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in details or the minutiae of games. You spend 30 minutes talking in circles about why mechanics should come before theme. You write 1,500 words on dice, expressing your frustrations but also in the end trying to work in some praise. Then you scrap that piece because something comes along that reminds you that games are meant to be fun. This time it was a small yellow box, that cost the princely sum of £6 on Amazon. Continue reading

The Crafty Podcast – Episode 07: The Theme is the Thing

The Crafty Podcast Episode 07 is now online!

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Fury of Dracula – Become the Bat


Normally the second Wednesday of every month is when we release our podcast, but due to scheduling problems the podcast will go up next Wednesday. Until then you’ll have to imagine my (Emmet) sexy voice while you read about my experiences playing a caring eastern European count who happens to have a taste for blood. We also chatted about Fury of Dracula on Episode 6 of the podcast if you want to check that out too.

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My head is in my hands. I’m looking down, wondering how this has happened. Age finally caught up with me. Years piled on years, and the decline that comes with it. I wonder what I could have done better, the missed opportunities… And then I pick up the deck and start a new game. I’m playing Friday, a solo card game about survival on a desert island. I linger over the cards that represent the aging of Robinson Crusoe, the negatives that they bring to your game, and curse them once again. Continue reading