The Crafty Podcast – Episode 07: The Theme is the Thing

The Crafty Podcast Episode 07 is now online!

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This month we try something new and record over Skype! We’ve board game news from Essen and beer news from Ireland, Paddy chats about scratching Twilight Imperium off his bucket list, we chat about treachery in Council of Blackthorn, and Emmet and Paddy get into a debate about Theme VS. Mechanics in board games!

We’d love to hear your opinions on Theme VS. Mechanics so drop us a line in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!

Beers this month from Kinnegar Brewing, Mountain Man Brewing, and Brooklyn Brewery.

Intro and outro music courtesy of Kevin McLeod of

5 thoughts on “The Crafty Podcast – Episode 07: The Theme is the Thing

  1. Eoin says:

    Loved this “debate” lads, ye had me literally laughing out loud by the end – mostly since ye seem to be not actualy disagreeing, just engaging in different arguments!
    My two cents, of course ye are both right. Mechanics are king once you actually get a game going, but the theme is vital to marketing and learning. I had a tough time pitching Avalon to non gamers as they thought the theme pointed toward D&Desque role-playing which nobody had experience in, but once you get past that, they mechanic means everyone loves it. On the flip side, imagine trying to teach or learn Pandemic without the theme… so you’re traveling around this generic board clearing these generic blocks… ugh…. and actually on that note Emmet, how do you reconcile avoiding real world scenarios with a love of Pandemic? Or does making the diseases parodies resolve that conflict?

    Good cast as always lads, sound quality was great and possibly even more even than usual between ye, good job! Looking forward to next ep.


    • Emmet Byrne says:

      Yeah I mean there’s no “right” answer, its just different opinions.

      In relation to Pandemic, do you mean dealing with places I know being wiped out? It doesn’t really come up I think, because Dublin isn’t on the board! The thing about Pandemic aswell is that it already feels detached I think, because its such an unreal situation. Also you’re looking down at the board and your character doesn’t REALLY come into it, so there’s another level of detachment. Its an interest question though.. Hmmm


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