Paddy’s Plays: 10 December 2017

Howdy all.

In October I not only got to go to my first every Essen, I also visited my old haunt, Japan, where I lived for five years. In that month I acquired about 20 new games, which increased the size of my collection by about 30%! Here are some of these games, the one’s I’ve played, and some initial thoughts:

Pocket Ops

The Crafty Players Pocket OpsPlays: 3

BGG Link:


Gamers tic-tac-toe. Each player has a number of discs, which they are want to place in a 3×3 grid. First player to get three in a row, wins. The difference is that your opponent gets to guess where you will place, and if they guess correctly, it’s not placed at all. Each player also has one specialist, and if it’s placed correctly activates a special ability. Each game is two rounds.

What I liked:

Nice to see some old, “stale” mechanics get freshened up. Small, portable box. Cheap.

What I didn’t like:

After three plays (6 rounds of play), I feel I’ve explored the game substantially.


The Crafty Players KikkasaiPlays: 2

BGG Link:


A dice game that incorporates a mah-jong scoring element. One dice sits between the players. Players have two dice secretly rolled behind their screen. On their turn, the player rolls a dice. They either swap this with a dice behind their screen, discard it, or declare “bloom”, which is scoring. If you discard a dice (either the rolled one or one from behind your screen), the other player can declare “bloom” with that dice. You score sets of three dice, either runs or 3 of a kind. You score bonus points if the number and/or colour match the dice in the middle.

What I liked:

Getting additional information and being able to score based on what your opponent discards. Trying to decide when to score, what combinations to go for. Quick. Art on the rules, storage bag and player screens is incredible.

What I didn’t like:

A single set only plays 2 players. Apparently it’ll work with up to 4, but requires the purchase of a second set. Some rounds can last one or two rolls. Some games can finish without anyone scoring.

Tokyo Highway

The Crafty Players Tokyo HighwayPlays: 3

BGG Link:


A dexterity game where players are building highways using discs and popsicle/lolly sticks. The winner of the game is the player who places all their cars first. You get to place cars by making your roads go over or under your opponent’s roads.

What I liked:

Includes tweezers for when things get tight. Looks fantastic on the table. Reminds me of highways in Japan! Nice graphic design and colour choices.

What I didn’t like:

Seemed a bit rule heavy initially, though it wasn’t an obstacle after a few games.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve played more than these games, but if I tell you about them all at once, I’ll not have anything to write about in the future! So tune back in next week (or two weeks later) for more game played goodness.

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