We set up The Crafty Players because we felt we had something to say about the world of board gaming – exactly what that is we’re not quite sure but we’ll see what falls out! This site will give you view into the world of hobby gaming as we see it, why we do it, and why we play the games we do. Plus our choice of craft beer to pair with each game! (cause we also love craft beer)

Board Game Geek Profile


Werewolf - VignetteEmmet is a former animator who turned to the dark-side – management. He now works as a producer at a children’s digital media company utilising the skills gleaned from too many worker-placement games. He’s been an avid video-gamer and tabletop role-player for most of his life, but is a relatively recent convert to the wonderful world of board games.

Beer of Choice: IPA or anything aged in bourbon barrels.

Board Game Geek Profile


The Crafty Players PatrickPaddy spent 5 years living in Japan, and now works at telling everyone how great it is. He likes all kinds of board games, and there’s nothing he would rather do more than sit down around a table with friends and push meeples around. He’s
fond of saying he’ll play anything once.

Beer of Choice: Porter, stouts and ales.

Board Game Geek Profile

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