Adventure on Tap

Adventures written by Emmet.

The Graveyard Shift

The city of Stonewood has seen a number of strange disturbances of late: grave robbings, disappearances, and recently a spate of murders. Adair Wyatt, a local merchant, has asked you to help him find his missing brother Dayton. His last known whereabouts? Stonewood’s necropolis, where he works as a gravedigger…

The Beast of Bastion Bay

Bastion Bay has become a bustling trade hub under the guidance of the cunning Capa Meriosa – but all is not well in the former pirate town. A monstrous undead shark stalks the seas, sinking any ship that gets too close; the newly built light house has gone mysteriously dark; and rumours swirl of twisted witches and other horrid things stalking the night. The port has been shut with no ships allowed to leave and tensions are running high. Bastion Bay is on a knife edge, and a new ship is just pulling into port…

Ring Out, Wild Bells

For the past 9 years during the White Pine festival the small town of Haren’s Watch has been plagued by a wicked fey spirit known only as Mr. Grin. The creature and its fiendish little minions torment the town over the course of three nights, culminating in the kidnap and transmutation of one of the village children into a lifeless statue made entirely of coal. The party stumble upon the town while seeking shelter from a blizzard and find themselves caught up in events that will shape the future of Haren’s Watch.