The Graveyard Shift

The city of Stonewood has seen a number of strange disturbances of late: grave robbings, disappearances, and recently a spate of murders. Adair Wyatt, a local merchant, has asked you to help him find his missing brother Dayton. His last known whereabouts? Stonewood’s necropolis, where he works as a gravedigger…

The Graveyard Shift is an introductory adventure for the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons! It is designed for 4-6 1st level characters, and  assumes a wide range of skills and abilities. It is designed to be played in a single 3-5 hour session, excluding character creation. The adventure centres on the city of Stonewood but can easily be transferred to any medium or large settlement as long as there is a graveyard nearby and access to a local forest. The adventure was designed to have an equal balance of combat, exploration, puzzle, and role-playing encounters.

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