Interview with Decking Awesome Games

In a special edition of The Crafty Players podcast we interview Decking Awesome Games about their brand new game Garden of Bees, which is currently on Kickstarter. It comes with amazing Beeple!

Garden of Bees on Kickstarter:

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Recent Brews: What We’ve Been Drinking

We haven’t dedicated a whole post to beer in a while. Emmet being off beer in the run up to the birth of his son doesn’t really lend itself to a deep, dynamic post about beer. But now that he’s back on the sauce, both of us are going to talk about a few brews we’ve been enjoying recently. Continue reading

Roll for the Galaxy



The Crafty Players Roll for the Galaxy Box Art

Box Art Source: BGG

You are a childhood dream come true, a maniacal space dictator, directing your citizens to build the biggest, best space empire ever to grace a tabletop! You do this by seeing what available workers you have (by rolling amazing, colourful, custom dice), and how best to use them. I like to think of the dice as students, graduating from University. You have an idea of their direction, but they might surprise you by going off on a tangent. This means that you’d expect the red, military dice to help you acquire new planets, but it actually ends up producing goods somewhere! Managing this and making the best of what you roll is a key part of the game.


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The Crafty Podcast – Episode 01


In our first ever podcast we introduce ourselves to the world and begin sharing our love of board games and craft beer!

We chat about Rex, Bora Bora, and Steampunk Rally, and then we discuss new beers we tried including 200 Fathoms by Galway Bay and Children of the Revolution by Wicklow Wolf. Finally we talk about how and why to start your own monthly board game meet up.

Intro and outro music courtesy of Kevin McLeod of

Meeple In The Know: Beer Style Guide

I sit here sipping a golden pilsner, thinking back on last week’s post on beer, with a sinking feeling. Beer has a whole four ingredients that I had to explain, was it really that much hassle?

Not really. After I wrote about how beer would be made, I knew I couldn’t stop there. I have to tell you about some of the different beer styles. This is where it’s gets a bit overwhelming. Beer styles is a rabbit hole that can go on, and on, and on, and on. Not surprising considering it’s 10,000 year long history, but how do I squeeze enough information to help you make decisions, but not too much that it’s completely overwhelming? I have a 600 page book on my shelf dedicated to explaining all the styles and even that isn’t comprehensive. What follows is my attempt at just that; Paddy’s Beer Style Guide.

The Crafty Players Beer (5)

What’s the difference?

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An Introduction

Hello and welcome to The Crafty Players – A site for all your board game and craft beer needs! We are Paddy and Emmet and we plan on bringing you an arousingly voyeuristic look into our board gaming lives!

Step over the obstacle course of meeple and dice, brush aside the teetering cases of micro-brews, and join us in our cozy little corner of the internet for a chat. Here we’re going to share with you articles and podcasts about our love of board games, how they magically strengthen friendships through betrayal and subterfuge, and why they have become so important to us. We’ll look at board game and geek culture and share some personal stories about how our little pastime has affected our lives, and we’ll even give you a fly on the wall look at our little cadre of players in our monthly videos.

For those interested (and of age) we’ll also spotlight our favourite beers and give a suggestion for what games you should pair them with.

Before all that though let’s each of us chat about why we play board games…

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