First Impressions: Above and Below

The straps of your pack dig into your skin uncomfortably as you shuffle ever forward into the unknown. The darkness flees from the glow of your lantern, cowering just at the edge of the halo of pale orange light. Above and around you, the weight of the stone pervades your every thought, and the air is stifling and stale. Up ahead the path splits, leading further into the heart of the cave system. You hold your lantern aloft to try to get a better look, the light glinting off sheer stone, but providing no answers. Before you can decide what to do, a heavy thump of a footfall draws your attention from the left hand tunnel. Then another. And another. Closer and closer they come. Your heart pounds in your chest as a hulking silhouette lurches forth from the shadows. What do you do?

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First Impressions: Honshu


Honshu is the main island of Japan. Why is this game called Honshu? No idea. What is this game’s connection to Japan? Seriously, no idea. But it doesn’t matter because what lies inside the box with the lovely art is a smart game. It mixes common mechanics so well that it could become one of my favourite games. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves: I’ve only played it a few times, so let me just talk about my first impressions. Continue reading

First Impressions: Millennium Blades

I like board games. I also like card games. I like a new board game about playing a card game. Confused? You will be!



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The Crafty Podcast – Episode 04

The Crafty Podcast Episode 04 is now online!

Also available on iTunes, Stitcher, and now Podbean!

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First Impressions: Hostage Negotiator

After my previous adventure in print and play solo games, I found the experience to be more rewarding that I expected. It showed me that games designed for solo play can be engaging and worth playing, even if it is me, in a room, on my own, cursing the dice rolls. So, I decided to explore a bit further. How? I bought a game that was exclusively a single player game, a game that is currently in it’s 3rd printing, with 4 expansions available and more on the way. If that doesn’t sound like a successful game, I’m not sure what does. A game with a theme I’ve not seen attempted anywhere else. That game is Hostage Negotiator. Continue reading

Playing with Oneself

I don’t play board games for the games themselves, I play them because they bring me together with people I want to spend time with, they facilitate friendships, catch ups and create good stories. For these reasons, I’ve never played a solo board game. It’s a whole genre of the hobby I have no knowledge about. There’s another whole area of the hobby which I know very little about: print and play games. There are games that haven’t been published in big shiny boxes, but are available online for download, that you print yourself. You can print the game on cardboard or paper, colour or black and white, and have a perfectly playable game at the end of it all.

I decided I would explore these two worlds at the same time. I’d look into some print and play, solo games, give a few a try, and report back on what happened. Just like a real journalist. Continue reading

First Impressions: Quadropolis


Over the past two years, our group has become more passionate about board games, and more people in the group are starting their own collections. This means that we often get to try new games, but not play them multiple times in a short period of time. The competition for which games we play is fierce. So we’re left with first impressions. Rather than let this restrict us, we’re going to embrace it. Quick, short first impression posts, followed up as we get more experienced with a particular game. Recently, Emmet did an excellent job of sharing his first thoughts on the game Last Will. This week, I’ll be doing the same, but for a different game: Quadropolis.

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First Impressions: Last Will

Good day one and all! This will be my first blog as a new dad so with that in mind I thought I’d cover something celebrating the wonders of life… But instead I’ll talk about Last Will.

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