The Crafty Podcast – Episode 06

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X-Wing Miniature Game

What you see below is a real world, non-staged example, of how I arrange games of X-Wing Miniatures. “Pew pew” is a phrase that gets used a lot in our games, as we direct our ships to zoom around the table, try get in a good position and “pew pew” the enemy ships out of the sky. But is the game any good? How does it feel to actually play? Read on dear friend, and you shall find out.

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Zombicide: Black Plague

This is the first in a what may become a regular feature on the site. We write about a game we played, maybe the narrative of the meta-game after one session, or how the game tied together over several plays and the story that came out of it. We’ll also talk about what kind of beer we think would match the game, either overall, or on this particular day. 

Game Overview


The Crafty Players Zombicide Black Plague Courtsey BGG

Box Art from

Black Plague is the latest in the Zombicide series by Cool Mini or Not. These games are all pretty similar in theme; survive the zombie apocalypse. Complete certain scenarios on a number of custom built maps. Unlike previous Zombicide titles, which take place in a modern setting, Black Plague is set in a fantasy kingdom. Instead of bikers, sheriffs and farmers taking on hordes of zombies, you have a nun, a magic user and a dwarf, among others. Cool Mini or Not are a company whose games, unsurprisingly, feature lots of cool miniatures. The games drip theme, involve plenty of dice chucking, but are generally well regarded. Any time they launch a new game on Kickstarter it is almost guaranteed to break $1,000,000.

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