Rex: Final Days of an Empire

This is the second in what may become a regular feature on the site. We write about a game we played, maybe the narrative of the meta-game after one session, or how the game tied together over several plays and the story that came out of it. We’ll also talk about what kind of beer we think would match the game, either overall, or on this particular day.



The Crafty Players Rex The End of an Empire


Rex is a game of game of negotiation, betrayal, and warfare set in the same universe as the legendary Twilight Imperium. Unlike Twilight Imperium, this game is based on a single planet, Mecatol Rex, the capital of the Empire. The humans of the Federation of Sol have led an attack directly on the capital, and this game is the story of the struggle for Mecatol Rex. The game has six unique races with unique powers and abilities. Like most games from Fantasy Flight Games, it’s oozes theme with high quality components and impressive art. It’s a long one though: this epic game will take at least 3 hours to play. Continue reading